LAN Static Routes

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LAN Static Routes

Just set up my first set up Meraki Go equipment at a small health/wellness doctor's office this weekend.  The question "does the GX support client VPN?" came up and I found that answer was NO.  So I thought maybe I could put a Rasberry Pi VPN server on the LAN and solve client VPN that way, but the only way that would work is if I could set a LAN static route on the GX pointing the client VPN subnet to the Pi's LAN IP...  and I can't find anything in documentation or the community.  I'm afraid the answer is also NO... which might make this my first and last Meraki Go deployment.  


Anyone know if it is possible to set a LAN static route on a Meraki Go GX?

Meraki Go Team

Hello @JoelKelley 


Unfortunately we do not support configuration of static routes on the GX at this time. That would be considered a feature request.


To flip this and make it work, point your clients to that raspberry pi as a default gateway (being sure the pi can do IP forwarding), and let the PI punt non VPN traffic to the GX for routing instead. VPN traffic should hit the PI for processing, encapsulation, and forwarding on the VPN tunnel and otherwise hit the PI's default route of the GX for any non VPN traffic (if you are going to use a split tunnel).