Is the test connection feature supposed to work?

Kind of a big deal

Is the test connection feature supposed to work?

I have only two Meraki Go installs and both of them are super flaky and intermittent with the 'test connection' feature.  I have GX20, GR10 and GS110 and two different customer's sites and sometimes the test connection works and most of the time it doesn't.  I guess I just want to vent here because it makes troubleshooting much more difficult when you can't trust the test feature.  I have had the same results with cable tests from the switch ports too.  I can run the test 10 times and maybe 1 or 2 times it works and the rest say it is having trouble reaching Meraki Go?  WTF??



Meraki Go Team

Hi @BrandonS 

It definitely helps to vent, and we're here to listen and help as best we can. These failures are certainly not the experience I or any of my team want for you and your customers using Meraki Go. This behavior most certainly deserves more attention with a support case. Definitely open up a ticket so we can better help you:


Another facet of this problem is the vague error "having trouble reaching Meraki Go". To partially resolve this issue, we'll be including a new feature to submit error reports when these vague errors occur. This will help our support team, and yourself, pin down the exact nature of these problems in a more rapid timeframe. The functionality is in place and we're actively working to implement the tool in situations much like these.