GX50 Static Routing and Policy Based Routing

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GX50 Static Routing and Policy Based Routing

Hi all,


I currently have a 7 year old MX64 at my house and am looking for a newer Meraki.  The MX64 has been great but I can't justify buying another MX68 or MX75 at the currently Meraki prices.  I found the GX50 this weekend and thought wow what a great price!:)  So a few questions:


I see someone posted that the Go now have a backup function.  Can we do some basic routing like send one subnet to WAN2 and select WAN1 to be the primary?


Can we do static routing?  I have a layer3 switch in my house so it does intervlan routing.





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I am a Meraki Z1 and Z3 series and Go GX user. I don't think your wish will come true at this time. There is no officially supported statement.

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It's going to be a Make-a-Wish.(;´Д`)

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