GX50 LAN to Internet throughput buffering

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GX50 LAN to Internet throughput buffering



Trying to get ahead of a new customer install.


ISP is providing 900Mbps service, standard PPPoE. 


Whilst the GX50 can handle Gigabit connections, the throughput is 500Mbps given FW feature, clearly there is a gap between 900Mbps and 500Mbps, therefore how does the GX50 handle the overrun for a short period of time? Is it a case of buffering or are packets simply dropped?? If it is buffering how much can be buffered??


Any thoughts or experiences welcome.



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I speed tested my gx50 from ports on the gx50, ports on the 1sst switch, devices connected to APs.   from physical ports I got 800mb.  from APs I got 300mb.



interesting statistics. Are you running MG access points?






i suspect if unmeshed, thru out from APs would be higher.



Yes it would be for sure


I have been testing today, pulling together stats but throughput within router is not easy to identify as it would be with enterprise/carrier class platforms

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I have this exact same question! I am thinking about buying the GX50 however my ISP is providing me 800Mbps — does that mean that if I buy this GX50 that I will basically be giving up 300Mbps in speed and my new speed would be only 500Mbps?? 

I don’t understand why Cisco would bottleneck the speed so much. Most people get nearly 1Gbps from their ISP these days. 

What are your thoughts on what I should do? Today — My network is ISP CO-ax to Modem ~> Google WiFi Mesh 3 Pack routers. No firewall or any switch.   

I had 1gb fiber but after doing some testing and getting 500 to 600 my on the gx50, I down graded to a 300mb fiber connection.


I could not get anything more than 600mb thru the gx50 and that was with a wired laptop.



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This is correct. GX limits WAN throughout to ~500. Anything above that will not be utilized. This is hard capped at a FW/HW level and known throughout the entire Meraki SD-WAN line.


If you want to utilize full throughput, you'll either need to purchase a different firewall or downgrade your connection speed. 

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