GS110-48 Can't get access to advanced config page


GS110-48 Can't get access to advanced config page


I'm trying to get access to local advanced config page on GS110-48 with no success.

I fixed the Switch's local IP address, but no service response on ports 80 and 443 on the Switch.

Any ideas ?



Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hello! Were you able to get help with this? There's documentation on how to access the local status page, did you use this doc here?


Did you open a support ticket?





I am also facing the same problem on the same product. Were you able to solve it?


On my Meraki Go interface, I can clearly see my equipment and its IP, but I cannot access its local web interface.


I followed the procedure on the link

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hello Rei! 


At your earliest availability please open a support ticket via the Meraki Go app where we can better assist you. 


I've done this before, with no response. This is why I am here!

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I just tested this same setup in my lab and found the following:


Navigating to the IP of the router: Pass

Navigating to the IP of the APs: Pass

Navigating to the IP of the switch: Fail


Attempted to reach all devices on a flat network along with a VLANed network. What I didn't test was having the switch and my laptop be the only devices in the network and browse to "". If the FQDN method is used then the page may flip between the AP or the router which ever device answers first.

@TyShawn this is good to know - interesting our switch is struggling.


@Gotest17 the tried and true method of reaching the local status page on any Meraki switch is as follows:

  1. Assign a static IP to your laptop:
    • IP:
    • Subnet:
  2. Direct connect to the switch with an ethernet cable.
  3. Navigate to in your browser.

Meraki switches all have a virtual interface at that is always responsive to local status page requests. 


Meanwhile, we'll look into why switch status pages are trickier to reach.

@hidden0 I can confirm that does work.

Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 10.23.10 PM.png

Test method

1. Connect to an SSD that connects to switch in question

2. Manually set IP to

3. Navigate to