Creating 4 networks from one 5gig connection

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Creating 4 networks from one 5gig connection

Hello! I am new to Meraki and haven’t deployed anything with cisco before so hopefully what I am looking at doing isn’t completely crazy. To explain how I’m interested in deploying meraki I am the owner of a fourplex in San Diego. The area has access to AT&T 5gig fiber for $180/month. My theory was that using the meraki wifi 6e APs I could offer the full 5 gig sectioned off via 4 firewalls and 4 different networks to each of the 4 single family units for only $45/month each to save huge amounts of money for them. (300 down and 10 up starts at $45-$50/ month and 1gig is $80-$90/month in this area) there is currently no ethernet in any of the units however I would like to run Cat 6 in the largest unit so they can always have unhindered access to their internet. Please could you let me know how crazy this idea is or if it would be reasonably possible? Thank you very much!

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I don’t think the Meraki go platform would make the ma. Use of the 5g ISP bandwidth.



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they may be able to get $30 high speed Ethernet on their own.


im pay 30 for 1g from T-Mobile using their internet gateway device.


and that comes with roadside assistance for free


apple TV interface


2gb cloud storage


and some other stuff.



Thank you for your reply however I believe you are referring to a 5G cellular home network whereas I am referring to the network speed of 5000mbps through a fiber connection. In my area 1 gigabit is $80-$90/month and I do also use a Verizon 5G internet gateway that is $25/month but only around 200mbps up and 10mbps down.

 No I am referring to the isp uplink speed.


if you had a wireless router that had a 5g uplink speed, you could just create multiple wifi networks.


with the Meraki go hardware all of your wifi networks would have to share 1gb theoretical isp bandwidth but in practically the bandwidth is 800mb wired, 600mb thru the AP’s if not meshed and 300mb thru the APs if meshed.



Thank you for your clarification, I had Merakis wifi 6e AP confused with Meraki Gos wifi 6 AP. Hopefully they release a higher bandwidth Meraki Go suite soon.

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If you have a 10g switch to handle the ATT uplink then you could put one AP each with a different network/SSID in each apartment. Then each AP with its 1gb uplink would cover each apartment and no one can consume more them 1gb cause of the uplink limitation.

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