Can you enable VLANs on GX20?

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Can you enable VLANs on GX20?

Is it possible to create a VLAN on the GX20 security gateway? I have a Layer 2 non-managed switch, and want to create a separate network on one of the physical sorts on the GX20. Is this possible? The Access Points and Network Switches can ... so I assume there would be no reason for the security gateway ...


thanks in advance. 

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Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)



It is not possible to configure VLANs on the GX20 Meraki Go appliancebut you can suggest this using the feedback feature in the app by navigating to the settings tab and selecting "Give Feedback" under the Help section. 

The Meraki Go outfit seems like it work for me but I need the vlans configured in the GX20.  I downloaded the app and tried to setup an account but I already have MX's so it says my account already exists but then it tells me I can't loginwith that account because it already exists.


What happened to one account for everything Meraki?


I just wanted to add my vote to the vlan request as above



Might just have been added as i can press the active port on my gx20 ->  settings Top right corner, pick advanced, then choose trunk/accsess port and vlan number from here.



And it seems like you cant manage a dashboard meraki with the same email as an meraki go account for some reason

Meraki Go Team
Meraki Go Team

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Configurable VLANs are now available as 2.21.0 has been released to iOS and Android.

Release notes below: 
- GX security gateways now support VLAN creation!
- New status icon to indicate a meshed access point
- Umbrella expiration date is now visible in the app under settings
- General bug fixes and stability improvements


With this release VLANs are now available across all Meraki Go devices (GR, GS, GX).

James Wilson
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Is this correct? The only reason I bought GX20 was to be able to create VLANs.



VLAN creation is enabled on all Meraki Go devices. You can create VLANs on the GX.

James Wilson
Cisco Meraki
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