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I recently bought GX20 for home use. I already have an AP from Cisco- MR42.


Do I have to add a new AP from Meraki Go to set up the security?


GX20 is the only Meraki Go appliance I have.

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I also only have a GX20 from Cisco. WiFi is provided by a Ubquiti AmpliFi HD running in bridge mode.


The first time I set it up, I connected to it using.a cable from my PC, because I had to change the settings for the ISP which can be found on the Configure tab on http://wired.meraki.com. This was the set up:


---------     --------     ------
| Modem | <-> | GX20 | <-> | PC |
---------     --------     ------


Second, and subsequent times (because I had to reset the GX20), I found that just having the GX20 on the existing network, the Meraki Go app finds it just fine, although I still need a web browser to change some ISP settings and prepare it as the gateway device to the internet. First, like this:


---------     -----------     --------
| Modem | <-> | AmpliFi | <-> | GX20 |
---------     -----------     --------


And then like this once the GX20 is ready to act as the gateway:


---------     --------     -----------
| Modem | <-> | GX20 | <-> | AmpliFi |
---------     --------     -----------


The security subscription can be activated from https://account.meraki-go.com/.



Thanks so much. After Inpull up the dashboard in a web browser, I don’t see where I should make a change to turn this into a gateway. 

Under Configure -> Internet, check what you have:




Modify Connection type to either Direct or PPPoE (those are the options I see here in the UK). With PPPoE, it will require additional information.


Modify IP assignment to DHCP or Static. With Static it will require the address your ISP gave you.


Configure the Web proxy if you use that. In my case I did not have to modify that.


Then go to Connection -> Security Appliance details to confirm that the details look good. If all is well, you should see the following at the top of the page:




The device should be running as the internet gateway.

I am on DHCP and have GX20 connected to the internet via a LAN port of my ISP's router.


How do I verify if GX20 is actually doing what it is supposed to do? Do I need the optional Cisco Umbrella subscription or there are some basic security that it already provides?


There should be a verification that I can do myself. I am not sure if "This Security Appliance is functioning normally" provides the level of assurance that I need.

Here is what you get:





Lots of places you can test its firewall, such as:


https://www.grc.com -> ShieldsUP! -> All Service Ports.


With the optional Umbrella Security, you have better protection. From the Meraki Go App you can set several levels of protection:


  • Security Filtering Only
  • Security & Basic Appropriate Use Filtering
  • Security & Moderate Appropriate Use Filtering.


The App also logs security events, which you can check. And in a browser you would see this, for example: