Adding MX50 to a company on my Dashboard

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Adding MX50 to a company on my Dashboard

I have a new MX50 that I am trying ot configure by adding it to my Dashboard.  I have tried it on the website and using the iOS app.  In both cases I get the an Error that says Network not found.


The MX50 is connect to our office network thru the WAN port and the computer that I am using to create this post is connect via one of the LAN ports.


Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Hello @LNL02360 


You might want to visit the Meraki Forum Meraki Community


This Forum is for Meraki Go.



Sorry, I made a typo.  I meant to to type GX50 not MX50.

Did you create a new company for the hardware or a new site?


Managing Multiple Sites with Meraki Go - Cisco Meraki


Is there another GX-device on the network?

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