New product line suggestion

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

New product line suggestion

This is based off another discussion which made me think why don't Meraki offer this.....


Temperature sensors and monitoring! If Meraki made a rack mounted sensors unit which has a built in temp & humidity sensors as well as ports for optional water/flood sensors I think there would be a market for this.


You can currently manage your entire network minus its power supply from your Meraki dashboard so why not environmental monitoring. It could be licensed in an annual license the same as everything else and gives customers peace of mind that equipment is being looked after.


I sure many of you would like to see a new ME product line!



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sensors... oooohhhh... IOT.... AHHHH the product line could be endless!

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I googled "rack sensors" and discovered that this is an over-crowded field already. ;-((


Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel

@Uberseehandel yes but overcrowding doesn't always mean the are good. Meraki has a nice well built interface that these would easily fit into.


Meraki are in the CCTV market and this is already a crowded market.



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