NEED Visio Stencil for MS390-48 switch

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NEED Visio Stencil for MS390-48 switch

I have searched google and downloaded the latest from the meraki website. I can't find this switch anywhere and I'm up against a deadline for putting together SOW's and BOMs for a large deployment. Considering how much of this product I engineer it's frustrating I can't get up to date visio stencils for current product on the web site. This is a basic requirement for selling a racked network product. Do you guys at Meraki have one in house you can post? Pulling my hair out here and don't want to have to hand draw one.

Kind of a big deal

Get the Catalyst 9000 Visio stencils from the Cisco website. They’re the same as the Catalyst 9300-48 switches. If you need the 4x10Gbps module you can use the Catalyst 9000 4x1Gbps module.

Thanks. Not perfect but it might work.

Kind of a big deal

Going completely sideways; the MS390 has a bad reputation due to the high number of bugs and defects.


Consider using something else unless you enjoy grief after you've installed the kit.

ok now my eyebrows are up! Fill me in on this! What kind of Bugs. We are specing a LOT of these right now as catalyst replacements. What kind of problems and bugs?

Rather than expressing my bias towards them first , check out these threads by other people: 


And you mostly see mosts from unhappy people who bought them: 



Back to my bias again.  I'm also a Cisco Partner.  I would not put an MS390 into a client at this point in time.  Maybe in a couple of years, I'll re-look at it.  I think it will take this long to get on top of the bugs.

I don't want the damage to our reputation by installing core infrastructure like switching that does not operate 100% reliably.


Based on some comments you have made (I have made a guess about the size of your network); I typically use MS425-16's for network cores or server access blocks.  They are an all 10Gbe SFP+ switch.


I'm also a big fan of the MS325-24X series for mid-size network cores.  Each one has 24 copper ports, 8 of which are MGig, and 4 x SFP+ ports.  You can stack them together and get a really good density of Gigibat, MGig/10Gbe copper and SFP+ ports.


For the access layer blocks, you could also look at the MS355 series (lots of MGig if that is important to you).


I mostly use MS225's (which have built-in 10Gbe SFP+ uplinks) which I 10Gbe connect back to the MS425's.

I forgot to mention, I have used the MS425, MS350-24X and MS225 a lot.  They are 100% rock-solid reliable.


One other tip.  If you are going to be connecting Catalyst and Meraki switches at the same time to the same network, change your spanning tree protocol on the Catalyst to using MST ("spanning-tree mode mst" - just this one line change on each Catalyst).

Otherwise, you can get subtle spanning tree issues.

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