Meraki in Areas of Extreme Heat

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Meraki in Areas of Extreme Heat



I'm looking for suggestions from people that live in high heat areas. My company is looking to setup networking in an industrial facility in Phoenix, AZ. Our headquarters is not located there.

My initial reaction is to never put an IDF in the production area with no temperature control. 

I suppose you can get a rack with fans installed, but that doesn't seem feasible if it's only blowing hot air. 


The max operating temp for a MS120 switch is 113F. 


Any thoughts / suggestions is appreciate it.

Kind of a big deal

@JimmyJo : yes that is correct, It may handle high but the set of rules is set for operating temp on based of testing environment. I would not recommend above the mentioned temp.

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Kind of a big deal

Put it in an air conditioned room? Or use a different switch that is rated for higher temperatures. Surely if there are humans working at this facility there are air conditioned spaces, right?

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