Meraki Master and CMNA Certification (CMNA, CMNO ECMS)

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Meraki Master and CMNA Certification (CMNA, CMNO ECMS)

Hi Team,

Good day! Just want to clear things up.

I just learned that CMNO will be replaced by the ECMS series. How about the CMNA?

I got my CMNA last 2017 when I was still working with a Cisco reseller. Just want to know if my cert is still valid since I am now working to non-Cisco reseller (or an end user) company. How many years is the validity of CMNA?

IF NOT, is recommended to take the EMCS to pursue higher certs (ECMS 2, CMSS).

Kind of a big deal

While I think there's no real expiration Meraki is aiming to have everyone refresh every 3 years. You become eligible for the refresh after 2,5 years. It's also that way you renew the licenses for the demo stack.


ECMS and CMSS don't replace that as those are open to the public as well.

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CMNA has a different focus to ECMS and CMSS

CMNA has more of a sales focus

ECMS and CMSS (not released currently) are more technically focussed

I would pursue ECMS1 if you are in regular contact / administering the devices regularly
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