Meraki Community Gift Exchange (sign up by Friday, Dec 8!)

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Meraki Community Gift Exchange (sign up by Friday, Dec 8!)

Good morning all!


I wanted to throw out the idea of a community gift exchange. I've done this with a few other communities I'm a part of and wanted to see if this is something you all wanted to do. This is COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY!



How do you join?

The gift exchange is hosted by Elfster. Click on this link in order to join the gift exchange: Note: You will need to create an Elfster account.


What is the spending limit?

I set the limit to $30 USD. This does not mean you have to spend that much on a gift, but hopefully no one goes over!


How do I know who I received?

Sign-ups for the gift exchange are being taken through December 1. December 8 (extended!). On December 2 9, names will be drawn.


How will we exchange gifts?

On your Elfster profile, you can setup your account with the address you want your gift to go to.


How will people know what to get me?

Elfster has a the ability to create a "wish list". Simply add items to your list so people will know what to get you. 


My person lives in another country. How do I order my gift for them?

In cases like this, I recommend using their local Amazon page. For example: If my person were to live in Canada, I would go to


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!




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Kind of a big deal

Great idea... can’t wait to take a look.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

I love this idea! Thanks for spearheading, @Mr_IT_Guy!

Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki
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