Licensing contact escalation? Rep not responsive?


Licensing contact escalation? Rep not responsive?

Hello all, I need a point of contact for licensing beyond our assigned sales rep. I reached out to them 3 days ago regarding purchasing a new license, along with follow up emails, with no response. All help documentation in our dashboard regarding licensing points back to our sales rep. I'm about to put in a general support request asking for SOMEONE to reach out to us about licensing. Is there any sort of general ""-type address I can reach out to get someone who can get us up and running?

Kind of a big deal

You could open a support case to do something like extend your expiration. Who do you purchase Meraki from? It is almost always better to contact your reseller since Meraki doesn’t sell direct to end users and you just prolonging things by putting them in the middle. 

Kind of a big deal

I agree with @BrandonS .  You make your purchases via a Cisco Meraki partner, not direct from Cisco Meraki.  So the sales rep is not really the right person.


This is the Cisco Partner Locator to help you find someone close to you. 

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