Licences for home usage

Kind of a big deal

Licences for home usage

Hey ,


I'm about to get a MS220-8P from a friend but without a dashboard licence. Where do you guys get your licence from personnal usage ?


Should I try to contact my SE ? 


I have never purshased a licence , there is a special team in my company that does that. So I'm just a bit curious


Thanks , 

Kind of a big deal

Just reach out to your account manager, they might be able to do you a deal through your normal reseller.
Building a reputation

If the device is transferred from a friend to you, the original owner must deregister the device from the original owner's inventory (organization).
If it is not treated as stolen, the license can be purchased from the distributor.


In my experience, I once bought a used device to try, but it was still registered in the original owner's inventory.
That device is a paperweight.

Incidentally, I tried to buy a license by contacting a distributor where personal purchase is available.


Please be careful not to get into trouble.

Indeed , you are correct. There is always a risk involved in buying Meraki gear from someone. In my case it is a good friend of mine, so I'm not stressed about the serial being still bound to his org. 


I will try to contact my account manager and a distributor for a licence !

Building a reputation

You have a good friend!
I wish you good results.

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