Is Meraki App on iPhone an Abandonware ?

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Is Meraki App on iPhone an Abandonware ?



Does someone know the status of the development ?


Is it an official supported product ?


I have a list of bugs and don’t know if I should spend time opening cases for it .












Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Just to confirm you are talking about the Meraki app and not the systems manager app? If so I haven't seen any updates for it since I installed it over a year ago now. 


Its a good idea but in it current state the menu's don't work properly for me and its of little use unless I want to reboot something. 

I use the Meraki app (not talking about the MDM app) on Android several times a week, and don't have any issues with it.

Yes Meraki App , IPhone version .


Yes menu problems , if network list changed you need to log out - log in , Device visibility not working properly , Google map on developer mode ...

That thing is flippin' cool! Is it in Aus though?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Does Aus means Australia?


It is available in every country.

Yes - Sorry, Aus = Australia. (Caught using short hand)


Thanks for that, ill check it out 🙂

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I have been banging this drum for over a year now and will continue to do so
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Any update ?


Is this app supported anymore ? or it's an abandonware ?


Impossible to use it anymore.

@aws_architect I have given up using it as well. Navigating the menus doesn't work properly for me. 

Hello ,


Some time passed , and no update , no support of iPhoneX neither .


is this product discontinued? Last update was 2 years ago ...



@aws_architect  This is a question many of us are asking at the moment. 

Who has the answer 😉 


abandonware or not ?

After 2 years seems that the developers started working on it again !



Here to help

What was the purpose of the app? You have piqued my interest!

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Mostly monitoring.


You can see the status of all your kit, and you can look at any of your cameras.


It's great when someone calls complaining about something being down when you are out.  You can check your phone and see the status of all your sites and gear.

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Agreed - very useful checking Camera feeds and equipment status.

If the app expanded it could be used for monitoring camera feeds locally via an iPad etc (big long time wish this one!)
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