Documentation Digest: September 24th - October 24th

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Documentation Digest: September 24th - October 24th




Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between September 24th and October 24th:


How to do a License Transfer in Cotermination

Change: New Article.


Wireless Client Isolation

Change: Clarification on firmware support for IPv4 / IPv6 Wireless Client Isolation.


MR Datasheets

Change: Removed mentions of MA-INJ-5 (replaced with MA-INJ-6) and MA-INJ-4-XX, MA-INJ-6-XX (replaced with MA-INJ-4 and MA-INJ-6).

Wi-Fi Personal Network (WPN)

Change: Updated list of supported APs.

SecurePort (formerly known as SecureConnect)

Change: Updated list of supported APs and added new section "Configuring and monitoring SecurePort using API".


3G/4G Cellular Failover with USB Modems

Change: Added note about support for USB modems running MX 18.x or newer.


MG Datasheets

Change: Created one unified Family Datasheet, renamed former datasheets to Technical Specifications.


Windows Enrollment

Change: Added note that windows profile installation requires admin privilege


Combined Dashboard Networks

Change: Added note that splitting combined networks is not possible, Ii client tracking is configured for Unique client Identifier.


Upstream Firewall Rules for Cloud Connectivity

Change: Added section for new "Firewall Test Failures" tool.


Cloud Maintenance New IP Ranges 2022 FAQ

Change: Updated title.


Meraki Authentication Server Certificate Rotation - July 2022

Change: Added Certificate details.

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Love it

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@JohnIngram : Thanks for the update !

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It is very helpful to know easily what's new!

I look forward to it every month.

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