Documentation Digest: May 25th - June 2nd

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Documentation Digest: May 25th - June 2nd




Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between May 25th and June 2nd:


Independent Firmware Releases for Meraki and Catalyst-based switches

Change: New article.


Getting started: Cisco Catalyst 9300 with Meraki Dashboard

Meraki-managed Catalyst 9300 Series Installation Guide

FAQs: Migrate to Meraki management mode

Change: New articles.


Cloud Monitoring Overview and FAQ

Change: Added section "Troubleshooting Console (read-only CLI terminal)".


MG51/51E Technical Specifications

Change: Added Telstra (AU) to list of certified carriers.


Meraki Umbrella SDWAN Connector Deployment Guide

Change: Added note on how to properly delete a Meraki SDWAN Umbrella connector.


MS210 Overview and Specifications

MS210 Series Installation Guide

MS225 Overview and Specifications

MS225 Series Installation Guide

Change: Added note about RPS2300 EOL.


CW916x Family Frequently Asked Questions

Change: Added note that trial licensing is not sufficient for migration.


AI-Powered Auto RF: Use AI to Bring Meraki Towards RF Excellence!

Change: Added availability via Early Access Page.


Mesh Deployment Guide

Change: Added note that a mesh backhaul link will either be 2.4 or 5 GHz, not both in parallel.


Uninstalling Systems Manager and Removing Managed Devices

Change: Added instructions for Windows SM agent version > 3.1 and iOS / iPadOS (both ADE and Non ADE enrolled devices).


Troubleshooting SM Clients that Fail to Check-in to Dashboard

Change: Added log path for Windows Agent version ≥ 3.7.0


Meraki Vision Changelog

Change: Added release notes for up to v1.8.3.


MT Frequently Asked Questions

Change: Added note that both MR and MV minimum firmware versions need to be installed for MT40 Power Controls UI to be enabled.


MT14 High Sampling Mode

Change: Added section "Installation Best Practise for Vape Detection".


Using the Cisco Meraki Device Local Status Page

Change: Added information about Web proxy (HTTP proxy) and HTTP CONNECT Proxy Option for MR, Packet Capture on MS and deprecation of the speed test functionality for MG and MX.

Adaptive Policy Overview

Adaptive Policy for MX/Z Platforms

Change: Added note that MX84 is not supported due to technical limitations.


Deleting an Organization

Change: Added note that no devices must be managed under Systems Manager.


Meraki Per-Device Licensing - Configuration

Change: Added note about changed conversion process to PDL.


Managing User Accounts using Meraki Cloud Authentication

Change: Added note that the user expiration is related to account authorization and not for the password of the account created.

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