Community Platform Update: New indicators for unread posts

Community Manager

Greetings, community!


When we launched our community redesign on April 1, one of the strongest pieces of feedback we received was that it was now more difficult to keep track of which posts you had already read and to spot threads that had recent updates.


Previously, new threads and threads with new replies were indicated with a bold title; titles of read threads were less bold. However, it was difficult to differentiate between read and unread, as shown below.




Now, instead of using bold / non-bold links, we indicate threads with unread content with a small orange dot:





Note that the orange dots will only appear when you are logged in.


We hope this change helps you keep track of your reading of the community!


Please let us know any feedback in the comments below.



P.S. Due to technical constraints of our community platform, un-bolding ALL of the links within a given topic in the list (the forum, thread author name, timestamp, reply author name) was not an option. Dots to the rescue!