Documentation Digest: December 22nd - January 19th

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Documentation Digest: December 22nd - January 19th



New articles:

MX Sizing Guide & Principles

Change: New article.


Systems Manager Wi-Fi Settings Payload

Change: New article.


Cisco Secure Connect:

Cisco Secure Connect Data Center List

Change: Added note that Site to site interconnect is not yet available for specific sites.


Cisco Secure Connect - Non-Meraki IPSec Tunnel

Change: Added FQDN for all sites; added additional site in all regions.


Cisco Secure Connect - IdP Okta SAML Configuration

Change: Added note to ensure that traffic to the IdP bypasses the proxy to avoid an authentication loop if you are using an on-premises identity provider (IdP) such as ADFS.


MX / Z:

Network Objects Configuration Guide

Change: Added note that Network Groups with FQDN objects can only be applied to Layer 3 Outbound Firewall Rules; added note VLAN Objects may also be used within networks that are not bound to a template.


VPN Full-Tunnel Exclusion (Application and IP/URL Based Local Internet Breakout)

Change: Added note that an exclusion for the IP address(es) in the DNS query response will not be generated if an MX does not observe an unencrypted DNS query response matching the FQDN.


Site-to-Site VPN Settings

Change: Added note that IPv6 peering requires firmware version 18.2 or greater.


AnyConnect Client Download and Deployment

Change: Added new steps 5 and 7 to "Always On VPN".


AnyConnect SAML Troubleshooting Guide

Change: Added "Authentication failed due to problem navigating to the single sign-on URL" to "Possible error message".


Security and SD-WAN (MX,Z) Features Directory

Change: Updated status of MX 18.2.X to Stable Release Candidate.


Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

Change: Added note that IPv6 is currently only supported in One-Armed Concentrator mode; added note that you will require the MX to be put into No-NAT mode to enable BGP on WAN. Please reach out to support to have this enabled; added section "Neighbor Security" as well as scenarios "Scenario 4: Routed mode - eBGP peer on WAN of spoke" and "Scenario 5: Routed mode - eBGP peer on LAN".


Z4/Z4C Series Hardware Installation Guide

Change: Added "Verizon Wireless (US), AT&T FirstNet (US)" to certified carriers.


Z4 Datasheet

Z4C Datasheet

Z4 Installation Guide

Z4C Installation Guide

Z4/Z4C Series Hardware Installation Guide

Change: Updated recommended amount of clients to "15 devices".


Meraki and Cisco Collaboration Teleworker Solution for Businesses

Change: Added Z4(C).



PoE Support on MS Switches

Change: Added information that PoE consumption and budgeting details can be located under Switching > Monitor > Switches > Select the desired switch > Select the "Power" tab. Port-specific details can be located by selecting the specific switch port and scrolling down to the "Status" section.


MS130R Datasheet

Small-Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) and Stacking Accessories

Change: Updated compatible SFP modules for MR130R.


MS130 Series Installation Guide

Change: Added sections "Rack Mount" and "Wall Mount".


MS390 Datasheet

Change: Added table "PSU configuration and PoE budgets".


Catalyst 9300-M Datasheet

Change: Added power budget for C9300-24U-M using a 715W Secondary PSU.


MS Layer 3 Switching and Routing

Change: Added note that "Configuring an IPv6 interface" is only supported on the MS390 and C9300-M models.


Small-Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) and Stacking Accessories

Change: Added uplink modules C9300-NM-2Q-M, C9300-NM-8X-M and C9300-NM-2Y-M.


MS Warm Spare (VRRP) Overview

Change: Added note that the C9300-M series switches currently do not support MS Warm Spare (VRRP) functionality.


Key Switch Features

Change: Added note that support for IPv6 addresses for switch management is available on firmware MS 15.1+.


Loop and MAC Flap Detection on MS

Change: Added MS130.


Product Firmware Version Restrictions

Change: Updated Minimum Runnable Firmware Version for MS130 to MS 15.23.


Configuring Spanning Tree on Meraki Switches (MS)

Change: Added section "Interoperability Terms and Guidelines".



Frequently Asked Questions for Cisco Meraki Access Point Antennas

Change: Updated for CW access points and their antennas; added "Can New WiFi-6E Antennas Be Used On Older Pre-6E Access Points?"; added "Can Older Antennas Be Used On New WiFi-6E Access Points?"; added "What are the details regarding the newer CW-ANT-O1-NS-00 antenna?".


CW9163E Installation Guide

Change: Added Self-Identifying Antenna (SIA) capability to antenna port B, C and D.


CW9163E Datasheet

CW9166 Datasheet

CW9164 Datasheet

CW9162 Datasheet

Change: Added / updated "Reliability" incl. Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).


MR57 Datasheet

Change: Added note minimum firmware support for Dual Uplink High Availability is MR30.1.


Approximating Maximum Clients per Access Point

Change: Added theoretical maximum clients for all Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E models.


Device Posturing using Cisco ISE

Change: Added note that WPA3 encryption is required in wireless networks that implement Wi-Fi 6E.



MV Cloud Archive

Change: Added note that onboard storage does not apply to the MV2.


Meraki Display Introduction

Change: Added note that users will also be logged out once every 30 days and will be required to log in on the Meraki display.


Meraki Vision Portal Changelog

Change: Added release notes for up to v1.16.2.


Motion Alerts

Change: Updated wording that motion alerts can configured to be sent "always, never, or only during a scheduled trigger event".



MT10 Installation Guide - Temperature and Humidity

MT14 Installation Guide - Indoor Air Quality

MT15 Installation Guide - Indoor Air Quality w/CO2

MT30 Installation Guide - Smart Automation Button

MT40 Installation Guide - Smart Power Controller

Change: Added unboxing videos.



Apple MDM Push Certificate

Change: Added note that not using the original Apple ID (and therefore the original Apple Push certificate) would result in losing management of the previously enrolled devices.


MDM Commands in Systems Manager

Change: Added notes about OS and agent requirements to "Desktop Live Tools".


Configuring EAP-TLS Wireless Authentication with Systems Manager Sentry Wifi

Change: Added note that Systems Manager cannot simultaneously support third-party-signed SCEP CA certs and Sentry Wifi. This means third-party-signed SCEP CA certs are not compatible with Sentry Authentication.


General Administration:

IPv6 Device Compatibility

Change: Added note about support for DHCPv6 and IPv6 RA guard is available on MS starting firmware version MS 16.1.


Mapping Layer 7 Firewall Rules to NBAR IDs

Change: Updated NBAR ID for "eset" in category "Software & anti-virus updates".


Meraki Subscription Licensing - Subscription Claim

Change: Added note that organizations that currently use PDL will need to open a support case to claim a Subscription License Key.


Cisco Meraki Firmware FAQ

Change: Added FAQ "Why are there multiple firmware versions to upgrade to?".


Using Google OAuth Splash with a Walled Garden

Change: Updated to include separate configuration instructions for Access Points and WAN Appliances.


Configuring SAML SSO with Azure AD

Change: Added note about handling of a IdP X.509 certificate renewal.


Resetting a Dashboard Administrator's Password

Change: Added note that this article outlines the password reset of Dashboard admins, not SAML admins.


Dashboard Alerts - Connectivity Issues

Change: Added note that accessing the Cisco Meraki Device Local Status Page (LSP) may be required to perform offline troubleshooting steps, such as reviewing offline status details and alerts, configuring a static IP assignment to regain network connectivity, or gathering the Support Data Bundle (SDB) diagnostic logs to share with Cisco Meraki Support.


Status Icon Meanings

Change: Updated icons.

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