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I was wondering if there are going to be any Meraki specific conferences happening this year or if they are all just wrapped up in the the Cisco Connect conferences. We're planning conferences for the year and would like to go to something where Meraki is a focus.

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I'm not sure of any Meraki-Only conferences coming up, although Meraki has a very regular presence and following at many/most of the popular world-wide conferences, the next big one being Cisco Live Barcelona in a couple weeks.  Sometimes we run local Meraki-only events but that's usually focused on a specific region or specific vertical.  You could always talk with your local Meraki team about setting up a local event.  Maybe @DorothyL can comment if there might be any Meraki-specific general conferences on the calendar.

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Hi @Mr_IT_Guy - we don't have any Meraki-only conferences unfortunately, but we do have a presence at some upcoming large events, including Cisco Live Barcelona, Cisco Live Melbourne, RSA, TCEA, etc. Some are vertical-specific, region-specific, or overall general IT. We'll definitely let you know if we do a Meraki-only conference or another regional event (like the Pop-up Tour) in the future! Always best to check with your dedicated Meraki rep to see what's planned. 

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Hopefully in the next couple years there will be a Meraki conference! I would totally attend.

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That would be nice if there was..
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