Cisco Live - Sustainability, Simplified - LABMER-2278: Join the Conversation

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Cisco Live - Sustainability, Simplified - LABMER-2278: Join the Conversation

Hello Meraki Community, 

We want to thank you for participating and engaging in Cisco Live’s LABMER-2278, exploring sustainability with Cisco Meraki. Sustainability is at the forefront of business transformation today, and our session is all about making that transition simple and intuitive with Cisco Meraki. 

If you have not joined the session, there's still time to do so (Cisco live Amsterdam 2024 from Feb 3
rd to Feb 9th). Follow this link to know more and join us at the Walk in Lab area: Cisco Live LABMER-2278 



Congratulations to those who have completed this session! We hope you are leaving with more knowledge and ideas for your sustainability journey. Now, we invite you to share your insights, implementations, and future plans with the Meraki community.

We have seen several incredible case studies during this session. Here's a brief summary of each:

  1. Wrexham County Borough Council: Leveraging the Meraki Dashboard's features, they've made significant strides in reducing costs and carbon emissions in their schools. Read More 
  1. WPP: Meraki sensors have enabled WPP to cut cooling energy by 44% and total energy consumption by 27% at their London data center, equating to a carbon emission reduction equivalent to planting 1.5 million trees annually. Read More 
  1. CAMPUS USA Credit Union: Through Meraki sensors, they've prevented potential damage to their equipment, saving $60,000 and maintaining their commitment to exceptional customer service. Read More 
  1. Catena: With Meraki, Catena has streamlined their IT services, reducing travel and costs, and maintaining uninterrupted services at their retail locations. Read More 

Whether you've participated in the LABMER-2278 or not, we encourage all members of the Meraki community to join the conversation about sustainability. Your insights, ideas, and experiences are invaluable. Let’s continue to learn, grow, and support one another in our shared goal of a more sustainable future. 

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