Documentation Digest: January 26th - February 2nd

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Documentation Digest: January 26th - February 2nd



New articles:

Meraki Wireless for Enterprise - Security

Meraki Wireless for Enterprise Best Practices- RF Design

Change: New articles.


Cloud Monitoring for Catalyst:

Cloud Monitoring Overview and FAQ

Change: Added section "Device-side routing changes" to "Known Issues/Caveats for Dashboard Monitoring".


MX / Z:

3G/4G Cellular Failover with USB Modems

Change: Added note that the MX does not support IPv6 through a USB cellular modem.


AnyConnect Client Download and Deployment

Change: Added AnyConnect / Secure Client download and configuration example for iOS.


AnyConnect Azure AD SAML Configuration

Change: Added note "If a port other than the default 443 is used the URLs should include the custom port"; added note "If a custom hostname is utilized the Identifier and Reply URLs should contain this custom hostname and not the Meraki DDNS name".


MX Sizing Guide & Principles

Change: Added warning that the Performance metrics detailed in this document are based on the Current Firmware Version listed above. It should be noted not all platforms can support MX 18.2x.


Security and SD-WAN (MX,Z) Features Directory

Change: Added "SD-WAN and SD-Internet APIs".


Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

Change: Added requirement for routed mode BGP: MX must be running MX 18.205 or higher firmware.


Troubleshooting a Faulty MX Appliance or Z-Series Teleworker Gateway

Change: Added another troubleshooting step "Try performing a factory reset on the device and reconfigure its management IP as needed" to section "Appliance has a solid orange power LED".


Firewall Logging

Change: Added note to leave the Ports section of the Firewall Log empty for ICMP filtering.


IPSec VPN Port Overlap with Manual Port Forwarding rules

Change: Added section "Firewall Port Forwarding".


Auto VPN Port Change FAQ

Change: Updated cutover date to April 30, 2024.


MX Templates Best Practices

Change: Update note "To manage Client VPN users across all networks bound to a template, you can do so in the User Management section of the Security & SD-WAN > Client VPN page of said template. If you would like to manage Client VPN users for a specific network bound to that template, you can do so in the Network-wide > Configure > Users page of that network".


Z4C Installation Guide

Z4/Z4C Series Hardware Installation Guide

Change: Added "2x External LTE Antenna".



Switch Ports

Change: Added note that MAC addresses for "MAC allow list" or "Sticky MAC allow list" can be separated by a space, comma or by entering a new MAC on each line.


MS125 Overview and Specifications

Change: Updated Features table: "4x 1000/10000 Mbps SFP+ ports".


Product Firmware Version Restrictions

Change: Added maximum firmware version MS 15.23 for MS420.



Automatically Integrating Cisco Umbrella with Meraki Networks

Change: Added note that the Automatic Umbrella provisioning behavior for organizations using the Co-termination licensing model changed.  Automatic Umbrella is no longer automatically provisioned when MR Advanced licenses or MR Enterprise + MR Upgrade licenses are claimed into a co-term organization (as of Jan 2024).


AP Neighbors

Change: Added note that AP Neighbors is an Early Access feature and can be enabled by browsing to Organization > Configure > Early Access.


Wireless Encryption and Authentication Overview

Change: Added section "Opportunistic Wireless Encryption".


MR57 Dual Uplink High Availability

Change: Added Link Aggregation state table regarding Power Sharing and High Availability.



Mobile App - Camera Experience

Change: Added section "Camera-only Administrator".



MT11 Probe Sensor Installation Guide

MT15 Installation Guide - Indoor Air Quality w/CO2

MT20 Installation Guide - Open/Close Detection

Change: Added / updated unboxing video.



Windows BitLocker Encryption with Meraki Systems Manager

Change: Added note that Bit-Locker Keys are not stored in Dashboard and it is up to the administrators to securely store them. They cannot be stored on the managed endpoint's drive(s) that is being encrypted.


Deploying Powershell and Shell Scripts in Systems Manager

Change: Added section "macOS - Add timestamp text to a file on desktop (schedule script test file)"; added note "Some features and user interface screenshots referenced in this document may change or be unavailable during the early access stage".


General Administration:

China Region Cloud Maintenance New IP Ranges 2023 FAQ

Change: Updated deadline to add the new IP ranges to March 31, 2024.


Meraki End-of-Life (EOL) Products and Dates

Change: Added Meraki Insight (MI) Licenses.


Blocking and Allowing Clients

Change: Added note that Security Appliance policies applied for clients connected to a SSID with Meraki DHCP will not have an effect, as the client MAC and IP address will get NATed at the MR before reaching the Security Appliance.


Using Tags to Manage MR Access Points

Using Tags to Broadcast SSIDs from Specific APs

SSID Availability

Manage Tags

Change: Added note that although tags are case sensitive, it is advised to avoid using multiple capitalization variants and use completely unique tags per use-case.


Cisco Meraki Canada Region

Change: Added note "Per-Device Licensing (PDL), the Meraki mobile app and the Meraki Umbrella SDWAN Connector are currently not supported in the Meraki Canada Region".



MX - Security & SD-WAN

Change: Added references to free online training courses on the Meraki Learning Hub.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

Change: Added requirement for routed mode BGP: MX must be running MX 18.205 or higher firmware.


Documentation says MX18.205 , but the dashboard says MX 18.207. 



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