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Hello, im here again looking for assistance from the experts 🙂 

just want to ask, as of now on our uplink statistics is google DNS and its our active connectivity testing, and recently we've made a site to site VPN to a non meraki peers but were still having issues on the connectivity, i like to add its public IP  given to us to the uplink statistics so we can monitor its latency and packet loss, as of now we have 100mbps internet speed on our primary WAN that was used on the site to site VPN.

My question is, if i add its public ip on the uplink statistics, will there be a effect on out network and also to the site to site VPN sine the uplink statistics will continuously send packet the other network? and will there be a effect on the network of the opposite side of the site to site VPN.


thank you and appreciate the help 




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

It will not affect your network or the site-to-site VPN.  The remote party might block ping, so you may not get any statistics.

but if we will ask for permission to them and approved it, do you think it will cause them network congestion ot any possible issues?  

Thanks Sir Philip for the clarification 
appreciate every help you've given 🙂  

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