iOS devices rebooting

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iOS devices rebooting

We have Systems Manager on all our iOS devices (with a couple exceptions) as well as the Cisco security connector. Across the company, the majority of our devices are having these random reboots, sometimes multiple times a day, sometimes once a week. I thought it was an iOS bug, but asking around outside the company, no one else says they are seeing this. So I suspect SM or the connector. Anyone else experiencing this? I’ve got about 250 devices managed and almost everyone has reported this happening to them for the last two months or so. 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@BrownGB Sorry this is a late reply but I have not seen the same behaviour, my environment only uses SM and not Cisco connector.


I would suggest try uninstalling one of them and see if the problem persists. 

I forgot I posted this here, thanks for the reminder. It's still happening. It is over 70% of our iPhones doing this (so far non of the iPads have done it that we're aware of). I've done some tests and removing SM from the devices (which requires them to be wiped) stops the reboots. Just removing SM app or the Security Connector app does not seem to have any effect. I'm in the middle of working with an Apple engineer to see if they can pinpoint the cause since it's so random. I'll report back once we figure it out.

@BrownGB thats for the update yes please keep us posted as what you find out may help someone else out in the future. 

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