iOS Updates supervised

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iOS Updates supervised

Hi all,


I have some questions regarding iOS Updates on supervised phones.


I've got recently some troubles and I'm wondering if the updates need the phone to be in WiFi to get installed, does anybody know this for sure?


I'm able to send the commands and receive a "Success" back, but the updates aren't getting installed on the phones


iOS 15.3.1 -> 15.4.1

iPhone SE 2nd Gen


Best regards


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@beks88 Most likely it will require wifi unless the device has OS updates over cellular enabled. It will also require the end user to allow the update to take place.


You can prompt but not force OS updates. 

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Thanks for your reply.


The devices are supervised, so a force update should work without user interaction. There's also no passcode on the phones. Some other vendors are able to force the update.


You mentioned "over cellular enabled" is there a way to toggle this through MDM? I already deployed a profile which allows Settings App to use cellular.

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