iOS Passcode length policy not working

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iOS Passcode length policy not working



I have this problem for years. Devices are supervised, I created a settings and what to allow 4 digit passcode, this is what I setup.





Minimum length 2 or 4... is not working, the user must enter a 6 digits passcode, on the device, user doesn't have the option to go from 6 to 4 digits as a none MDM device do.


Is there another settings somewhere else, maybe in restriction, that cause the behaviour ?


Thank you,





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I believe this is an Apple-enforced restriction on the newer versions of iOS. See here:




no, by default it set to 6 digits, but you can choose to have 4.

My device running iOS 13.3, my wife is running on a 4 digits since iOS9




it's french, but allow me to choose 4 digits passcode. 

I just update an old iphone7 ready to give to a new employee, the old device was off for +6 months, when I open it, the 180 day change code policy ask my to change it, it was 4 and only 6 was possible now. It still run iOS 12.x


if I remove the passcode policy settings from the phone, I can set it to 4... so definitely it has to do with this MDM settings pushing something wrong!


I was with another MDM supplier before, never had this problem. 


@Adam2104 That is a very old document, 4 digit passcodes can be used on modern devices, most of ours have 4 digit codes and the hardware is 6th and 7th Gen iPads. 


@jffortier If your policy isn't working as expected and have have set minimum passcode length I would contact support, below is a screenshot of my settings that are working for me.


Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 9.39.36 AM.png


Thanks @BlakeRichardson  but I did try to put 4 as minimum, same results. 

I don't think they give support to free account 🙁 I have a very small business and 12 devices. 

what I don't like (because I used to have paid services before) the result is the same... you have a bug, they can't help you, it's always on the users side... so I ended up paying and still not getting thinks fixed !!


I'm going to post a issue I found about contact psw settings... once it was push the 1st time, it work.... but never go edit the settings, because Meraki can't send the psw to the device after, it will always failed... I was on the phone with Google for 2 hours and we found out that it was on the MDM side, not the iPhone, not Google...


did test with a generic CardDAV server, work No1... edit, push it back..., can't get it to work any more... create a new profile, push it... well guess what it work the 1st time !!

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