Windows 10 device with agent never get connected

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Windows 10 device with agent never get connected


I've enrolled windows 10 PC to system manager with only installing system manager agent. when I checked the device on boarding status, the device was registered but never get connected (on-line). Can anybody tell me how I can fix this problem?


For your reference:


Version: Windows 10 Pro
OS Build: 0.19043
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Getting noticed



After a certain period of time after enrollment, it is possible to monitor the status of connected status, CPU, memory, etc. normally.


Did you just install the agent and not install the profile?

Please refer to the following link for the profile installation method.


If you have install the profile normally, It would be better to check the contents of the m_agent log by referring to the contents of the link below.




Comes here often

Hi, Shany,


Thank you for your comment.

I 've been waiting for more than 48 hrs but still shown as "never" connected as below...



I know that Meraki recommended to install both profile and agent, but does that mean that I need to install both agent and profile for my device to be connected?

I tried both before and it certainly worked but just wanted to verify how device will be shown in SM if only the agent installed...

Also when I installed both, security list shown in left pane disappears, which did not happen when only the agent was installed.


Appreciate if you have any insights on that.


Thank you,


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