Windows 10 Device Enrollment

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Windows 10 Device Enrollment

We are trying to use Meraki MDM to manage our Windows 10 devices for wifi especially.  I can enroll the device as an admin, but when a standard user is logged in, it will not recognize that user and push the profile to the machine from Meraki.  If I log back in with the account I have used to enroll the device, it sees it in Meraki and pulls the profile.


I can set the user as a local admin, enroll the device in device management, then remove the local admin rights and it will recognize, but only for the user who enrolled the device.  We have some laptops that are used by a couple different users.  We have close to 200 laptops that I would like to get setup with MDM.  Anyone figure out a way to make this work?

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Re: Windows 10 Device Enrollment

I had this same problem and support told me that it will only pull profile updates (on Windows) for the user that enrolled in MDM. I had to re-enroll a bunch of devices but thankfully it's just one user per device for me.

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Re: Windows 10 Device Enrollment

@BundyBaking  If I am honest SM is more geared towards MacOS and iOS, while they do support Windows the features are limited. 

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Re: Windows 10 Device Enrollment

Hi Bundy, In order for Windows10Pro clients to work with profiles (Systems Manager, Settings), you will need to enroll in MDM. For the clients that matter to us (560+ Windows 10 Pro clients), we do both Agent Install and MDM enrollments. We are enrolling in MD with AD user auth (configured at Systems Manager, scroll to user auth settings).   

Using both means of enrollment allow us to take advantage of Profiles for VPN and SSID settings push along with pushed apps (Systems Manager, Apps). 


While there are a number of issues with Windows10Pro and its "compatibility" and support with SM, we seem to have a workable management system for our endpoints. 


Hopefully this is useful information you and your Windows 10 Clients.


My largest complaint is that the process for users to enroll is not simple. Much of this is MS fault but the burden should fall on Meraki SM because we pay them for this tool,.. or they shouldn't even support SM for Windows10 in the first place. I have had my frustrations with Meraki Support. Though that is a entirely different discussion.



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