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Hello Meraki Staff,


Recently, I've had to make some changes to our Meraki profiles uploaded to our iPads.


One issue, which I've not been able to resolve, is that on most of the devices I'm getting an error in the activity log which says: "Error: The Payload "profile name" is invalid."


On one of these iPads experiencing this issue:

  • The last successful profile update was late October
  • The last "MDM check-in" was this morning
  • All activity logs are showing as "Success" except for when the profile tries to update


Any ideas?






Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@SimonA1  did you delete a profile from SM before unassigning devices from it? If so the device has got stuck in a loop looking for a profile that no longer exists. The only way I have found that fixes this it to restore the device.



Hi Blake,


The devices were all erased, ready for the new year.

This process was also done to fix an issue, due to accidentally creating a new certificate instead of renewing the old one, which had prevented those devices from checking in.


After erasing them, all of a particular grade was able to check in.

The only thing that's not working to my knowledge, is the user profile not installing.


I found this discussion, which suggests it may be a bug somewhere else:





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