Where's the Meraki Backpack Setup?

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Where's the Meraki Backpack Setup?

Hey guys,


Is the Meraki Backpack still available?


I followed the following document to try to set up my backpack so that I could get files pushed down to all my newly enrolled devices, however, I got stuck at the part where I am suppose to select "Backpack item" payload.




Seems like it has been removed.  If this option is still available, can anyone guide me where to find the option?

backpack payload.png











Thanks and appreciated.


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

It shows up for me ...


Screenshot from 2018-11-22 20-54-05.png

A model citizen

I see it too on my profiles.

I still could not get the backpack payload to appear using the profile that I created earlier.  I only have 10 options to choose from. My target scope is set to MacOS only.  


But when I created a new profile, with no restrictions on the target scope, backpack appears as one of the options.  


Are there devices that do not support backpack? 

I´d say its only available for mobile devices Android / iOS. Could you use Apps section to deploy the custom (?) apps to your Mac devices?

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