Webclips in multi-user mode


Webclips in multi-user mode

I'm having trouble trying to do something which I believe should be simple. 

I've looked across google and some of the posts here but nothing definitive and tried their suggestions with no luck. 


I basically use ASM and multiple users are able to use the shared ipads. I have setup profiles for home screen layouts and added all the required apps with no issues then got a request for a webclip to a website they use frequently. 


I've tried a user and device profile. 

I've tried setting the default app as Safari and Webclip. 

I've made sure to allow webclips in the restrictions profile.


All I ever get is "Error: The payload type “com.apple.webClip.managed” is not permitted to be installed for the system in multi-user mode." I find it baffling that you can't simply add a shortcut to a device that multiple users use. 


Is this really not possible?


What am I doing wrong? 






Kind of a big deal

Based on what I see from Apple this should be supported.




I don't use shared iPads so I've never tested it personally and Meraki's documentation doesn't address it at all.




I did find this previous thread where someone was able to get it working.



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