Want to block android apps during certain times of day

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Want to block android apps during certain times of day

Hi all!


I have a group policy set up for users during home-study time (10am-5pm) which blocks things like facebook, youtube etc, and works great for all devices. Problem is I cant figure out how to stop them playing games on their phones (android)!


Is it possible to block mobile gaming on a group policy, without manually entering every URL/IP of each game's server?

I've tried blocking "all gaming" but it doesn't seem to work.


Any ideas?



Getting noticed

I wonder is that Android games are Online games? 

Yes, that's what I'm wanting to block, games that have an online sync

Same here. I tested with MR, MX filtering and it has access for online sync as you said.
Better to check with the Meraki Support
Kind of a big deal

You might start with a packet capture when you know they are playing the games, Then check for DNS requests and then block those, that will most likely cause the game to not load.

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