Upgrading License in MDM

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Upgrading License in MDM

We have been a long time FREE MDM user and have finally made the leap to upgrade to a paid/fully licensed version of the Meraki MDM solution.  I have received the license key and before plugging it into our existing environment,  where we have roughly 192 devices, I wanted to make sure it wouldn't impact our existing environment at all.  I'm assuming it is as simple as ensuring you have enough licenses to cover your environment but again,  wanting to verify.  Thank you

Kind of a big deal

@BenninJ  Congrats on takin the leap, no applying paid licenses will not affect the existing devices, the only difference you will see is all of the extra options you now have access to plus support!!!


Congrats again. 

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That should be it. When you apply a license the first step is dashboard shows you a side by side of the before & after impact of applying the license. This should be a license more devices process and not renewal.

Kind of a big deal

Note that the paid licence replaces the free licence (it does not add to it).  You will need 192 paid licences.

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