Upcoming Activation Lock Management Changes

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Upcoming Activation Lock Management Changes

On Monday, August 12, 2019, important changes are coming to the way Systems Manager manages Apple's Activation Lock feature. These changes affect the default enrollment behavior on supervised Apple iOS devices only. After enrolling a supervised iOS device:


  • Systems Manager will by default prevent devices from enabling Activation Lock when end users activate Find My iPhone/iPad. If a user activates Find my iPhone/iPad on a newly enrolled supervised device, the device should not prompt for a user's Apple ID credentials or a bypass code when it is factory reset.
  • Systems Manager will no longer enable MDM Activation Lock by default when enrolling using Apple's Device Enrollment Program. A newly DEP-enrolled device should not prompt for an administrator's managed Apple ID credentials or a bypass code when it is factory reset.

After August 12, Dashboard administrators will also have the ability to manage the default behavior to enable MDM Activation Lock and/or allow Find My iPhone/iPad Activation Lock independently.


To maintain the existing behavior of enabling Activation Lock by default, create a "Privacy and Lock" configuration profile and enable the "Allow Activation Lock" option before August 12.

Kind of a big deal

@Kevin_C  Thanks for the info and for the work around for those that want to keep activation locks enabled. 

Head in the Cloud

@Kevin_C Thank you for giving us this information before the feature is rolled out, it is much appreciated after the last change to activation lock.

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Check out our Meraki blog post on the Activation Lock changes, written by Kevin himself! 🙂 



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