Unable to send via Outlook from 3rd party apps.

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Unable to send via Outlook from 3rd party apps.

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Hoping someone might be able to help here? I've pushed out some apps to our managed iPads, one of them being Outlook. Users are signed into Outlook and can send / receive emails fine. The issue is where we try to "send to Outlook" from other apps. When we do, we get the following message:


Action Not allowed

This data is protected by your organization. You must me logged into this app with your <my work email> account to access it. If you are already signed in with <my work email>, contact your IT administrator for help.


However, each user is signed into Outlook with their work email, exactly as shown in the error message. I'm at a loss and spent a few days working on it. Does anyone have any thoughts?



New here



Did you ever find a solution to this? Having the same issue with possibly a different MDM system and this is the only Google result for the error message.



Have you checked the options about containerizing managed and non managed contacts, apps etc?

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Was there ever any update on this @PaulMc ?


I think it’s to do with the Microsoft Intune SDK for iOS which they’ve wrapped all their Office apps in. I get a similar error trying to open links from Outlook in Edge on iOS.


Even though I’m using Meraki and don’t have InTune app protection policies enabled, I think it somehow defaults to not allowing cross-app communication...


I don’t think it’s related to Apple’s Managed Open In which containerises data because the popup  contains Microsoft account details rather than being a generic Apple one.


Let me know if you have any more information please

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