Unable to remove Meraki from an iOs device after is was removed from my Network

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Unable to remove Meraki from an iOs device after is was removed from my Network

I have been trying for hours to get the Meraki MDM of a restored iPhone that we are looking to receycle.  The device has been removed and no longer shows on my dashboard, but the phone wont clear it, even after a restore/DFU

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So, removing the device from your dashboard should have been the last step... However, let's see if we can fix this


Firstly, is the device in Apple's Device Enrollment program? If so, it will have to be removed here also. The easiest way to check this is to go to Systems Manager > ADE. Look for the serial number. Does it appear in the list? If so, you'll have to go to either school.apple.com / business.apple.com, find the device in the list of devices and remove it from ADE. A refresh of devices in Systems Manager > ADE should see the device disappear


Let me know if this resolves it.



Getting noticed

It's a problem I've experienced from time to time.
If the iPhone is deleted from the Device list in the Supervised state, but the device still has an MDM profile, and it is not possible to restore cause restriction settings.

Enter your network id to enroll this device at enroll.meraki.com.
After that, you will be able to see this device on the device list and it will be worked as supervised status.
If you apply the appropriate tag, the device will go back into management, so you can delete the SM settings from the device first and finally delete them from the device list.

Getting noticed

Just delete the device from ABM and upon iOS erase or DFU it won't load anything anymore. I've found that Apple has some kind of cache internally whereas even if no profile is assigned, it might load the MDM; so the sure kill is releasing it from ABM (aka DEP)

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