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Has anyone experience of using systems manager for tablets.  I have Meraki AP's and Cisco routers but no other Cisco Meraki infrastructure. Will systems manager work in this case.  

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi @Adamski101 : As you have Meraki APs, you'll be able to leverage Sentry, a capability where you can securely provision devices enrolled in Systems Manager with certificates for authentication onto your network


No Certificate authority or radius server is needed. Should take you 30 seconds to configure!

Hi Paul,


So in terms of the SM MDM I can geo locate - install apps - manage users etcetc - remote wipe etc etc.  Sorry for asking but I was under the impression that I need more Meraki network infrastructure in place to use the MDM.


Thanks again

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What will the tablets be used for, how locked down will they be, and are you going Android or Apple?



Most web based apps - outlook teams and a reporting systems which is web based as well.  Trying to keep it simple. User accounts on the devices are being created and need to be managed.  

sorry 99% android - want to  block app installs or anything that will store data on the device.  

You will want to run them in "Device Owner" mode. 


Some lesser known brands don't implement the Android Enterprise framework properly.  Ideally you would trial this first.


I would request some trial licences first: 

And then try it out on one of the devices, and then you'll know the pros and cons yourself.

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