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Systems Manager Administration

Hi All, does anyone have any recommendations on how to deal with what is effectively bad administration of SM licenses?

I currently see 10 pages of devices that havent been seen for a month. I could just remove the lot, but there is a chance that 1 of them is still in use. It looks like the SM client on the PC doesnt check back in if it has been removed from dashboard.


So in this instance, we will see that the client has SM installed but it wont be checking in/getting policies. Anyone have any thought on this?



Kind of a big deal

Sadly this type of stuff has to be audited.  Sometimes you can sort by name and see if there is a duplicate or similar name indicating that a device may have been replaced.  Otherwise, you may have to reconcile against outgoing employees to see if devices have been retired or removed.  It's one of those things that is easier to keep up on than it is to go back and figure out each one.  We deal with this same issue for our managed AV.  

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I make a scheduled task every 3 months to clean up my Dashboard. I'll just sort by the Connected column, and I'll remove anything that hasn't connected in that 3-month period.


If you remove a device that is still "active" it will re-appear in Systems Manager so long as the profile/agent is still installed on the device, so I don't really worry about accidentally removing something.

Ive had mixed results with devices re-appearing in systems manager if the profile is still installed.

In particular I haven't had seen an IOS device do that in testing :(.

same here
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