System Manager....evolution...?

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System Manager....evolution...?



Android evolves on new enrollement, owner mode and and Work/personnal profile.....


It will available on meraki ? 


corporate-owned, personally enabled (COPE)




Fully managed devices with work profiles are for company-owned devices that are used for both work and personal purposes. The organization still manages the entire device. However, the separation of work data and apps into a work profile allows organizations to enforce two separate sets of policies. For example:

  • A stronger set of policies for the work profile that applies to all work apps and data.
  • A more lightweight set of policies for the personal profile that applies to the user's personal apps and data.
Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hey Alex,


Systems Manager does not currently support this configuration for Android Enterprise. Currently supported configurations include full Device Owner mode or BYOD work profile mode (not fully managed). You can read more here:


We appreciate your feedback and are always interested in hearing what features and functionality our users are interested in. Were you just curious or actively planning on using this Android feature? If yes, can you tell us more about how and why you were going to use this in your organization?




Victor Mach

Product Management, Meraki SM

Hello, thank's for this return, yes in France generally the society provide the smarthpone, so we are not in Byod profil.....and we don't want block the google play....but control terminal (factory reset.., usb....) 


So we are interested for a Businness Smartphone, owned by the company but i can use personal applications.....


Owner mode with personaly profil enabled 😉



Any news of this feature ?   


Generally my customer provide terminal to employes and not use BYOD strategy.. so need fully managed environment, but allow personal data and application...


Just the COPE mode 🙂 (possible on airwatch, knox and intunes).


thank's for this evolution

Please add this feature, Android has supported it for years and Meraki should support it by now.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

The problem with this approach is that, in a world that is becoming more and more focused on privacy, the enterprise still has full visibility of the personal part of the device, something that most users would have issues with.


If the requirement is to secure enterprise data whilst segmenting user data, then Work profile on a NON managed Android is a much better approach. It still allows you to wipe the enterprise data, which maintaining the personal data. Should the user wish to wipe the entire device, they can they use the various Google tools to do so.


Of course, this is a personal opinion, but it does allow you to avoid the pitfalls of managing personal data.

Thank Paul for answer.


We work as a reseller, we never provide personal device, so if I enroll with owner mode, how user can have a google play account and install applications without IT ? 


Compagny provide devices, want keep control of the device but allow user to install applications, and compagny want to avoid to be block by android FRP mode (may be google zero touch can help ? ). 


NON managed mode is ok for a personal devices, not for a corporate device..., it's to easy to take compagny device and delete work profile....


thank's if you have a solution...

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee



So, Google Play allows for multiple accounts, so you can have both a personal google play account and a work one. What may prevent this is the default behavior of a DO enrolled device to prevent modification of accounts. This can be changed in the Android Device Owner profile:


Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 11.27.51 AM.png

 In the same profile you can also disable factory reset

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