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Shared iPads for Business

At the moment we have these functions implemented and we are able to use this system. However, we have a big problem using the native Mail app.
The application informs us that the user's account is limited and it is not possible to use this application.
We use ABM which is federated with our AAD. An account in AAD is not limited in our system or in ABM (there is no possibility of any changes).
I wanted to ask you if the Shared iPad for Business feature in Meraki MDM is fully functional.
Have any of you already used this option?



Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi @aleksander 


Yes, Shared iPad for Business should work. But, you'll need ABM set up with azure and Meraki also


But, it sounds like when a user goes to set up their exchange account in the native mail application, they are prohibited from doing so?


I've just checked SM: When creating a profile / payload / setting, you are asked if you want to create a device or user profile: With Shared iPad, this should be user: But I note that Exchange is not in the list of available payloads....


Let me speak to the engineering team and get back to you






Hello @PaulF 


Is there any update on this?  And if I am not able to allow the user to put their address in the native mail, am I able to change the settings to single user remotely?





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