Shared iPad - Cached Users Removal

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Shared iPad - Cached Users Removal

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We've recently setup Apple iPads on our Meraki MDM as Shared iPads - What I have noticed when multiple users sign into the iPads it caches their profile and uses up space on the iPad - Is there any way to remove the cached profile from the iPad through the dashboard or in any other way apart from wiping whole device?



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Have you found a solution for this as we are having the same issue with our shared iPads!


Thanks 🙂

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Unfortunately not. After numerous calls with Meraki final call ended with Meraki advising it's not possible to do this with Meraki MDM.


So we will need to get 100 iPads back to wipe them and set up as "normal" one user iPads as currently they are unusable in current configuration without that functionality. 


Their best recommendation was to request this feature. Disappointing to say the least especially that Apple provides that functionality, it's just Meraki not making use of it. 




Thanks for the reply!


That's slightly gutting, I will 100% be putting a request in as a school ideally wants the shared feature.


Fingers crossed this gets implemented

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