Set Cellular Access Point Name


Set Cellular Access Point Name

I had Verizon assign static IPs to my iPhone and iPad. The tech let me know that I would also have to set the APN to SO01.vzwstatic to get my phone to work.
I cannot find where to assign these setting in Meraki and my phone and iPad do not have data currently. Google says to download the Apple Configurator, but I do not have a Mac, and I was unsuccessful at connecting my phone to Apple Configurator installed on Mac In The Cloud.
Could anyone point me in the right direction on where I can assign the APN and push it to my iPhone and iPad from within Meraki?

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I would like to know more information on your setup. Are you using Verizon SIM via MX or MG to get a cellular WAN connection? You can apply APN via dashboard in the Appliance status > uplink tab for MX. I'm not sure about APN application your client devices as dashboard cannot apply config to client devices unless it a MDM scenario. 


Thanks for replying!
So I need a static public IP address, from my wireless carrier Verizon, on my iPhone and iPad to get through a [non-Meraki] firewall.


I called Verizon, and they were able to assign the iPhone and iPad static IP addresses on their network immediately; however, the Verizon tech said I would need to download Apple Configurator and manually set the APN (access point network) on the two devices. I did not give one thought to what the Verizon tech said because I thought I would just assign this setting in Meraki. Unfortunately, I cannot find where to set the APN for my devices in Systems Manager.


These two devices have DEP assignments and MDM profiles from Meraki pushed to them.


I am not using and MX or MG router.

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I, too, need to assign a static IP to an iPad. Everything is configured on the Verizon side but I have no way to change the APN on the iPad. Cellular Network settings are disabled and I can't find anything in Meraki to affect that.

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