Restrictions payload error via User Enrollment

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Restrictions payload error via User Enrollment

Hi Everyone!


Wanted to put this out and see what I get. I am trying to set restrictions via the restrictions payload, but when I push the profile I get this error :

However when I remove the restrictions payload everything installs as expected. 


Does anyone have some insight into this with User Enrollment, BYOD for IOS? 

What I'm trying to set is the containerization of personal and corporate data because these are turned off by default. 



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@KillxxxKam Its possible that the restrictions you are trying to push are only supported with supervised devices i.e. devices enrolled via DEP. 



That was my original thought, but there is no way to exclude the rest of the restrictions. 

Could you create a profile for user-enrolled devices with just those settings and scope differently?

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