Systems managers, device profiles question


Systems managers, device profiles question

In system manager , settings, Profiles.  


for one profiles (Apple EnClasse ClassRoom)I have few  devices out of date or not installed, anyone know way to  for bulk reinstallation? I have over 350 devices.





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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Patwer search for the devices you wish to update and select them, then from the command menu select "sync profiles"


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Ok for sync profiles, its installing missing profiles, If I want to reinstall one profiles?

If you want to reinstall a single profile this needs to be done one device at a time you would need to browser to the device in the dashboard and manually choose what profile you want reinstalled. 


What is the actual nature of the problem you are having?

My problem is I have one profile for Apple Classroom who I install on every  iPad but  atm I just have 1894 on 2226 installed. I don't want to reinstall 332 device  one by one .


So I want to reinstall in bulk on those devices only other wise this will take a lot time.


so I can't find way to select only those device and reinstall.



One trick I've found is copying the status table from the settings profile that I need to re-push, pasting it into excel, transforming into a table and hiding all the "installed" status devices, and then using =textjoin(" OR ", rangeOfCellsContainingSerialNumber, TRUE) to make a search string. then you can pull up only devices showing OOD or Not Installed status and push the sync commands.

Hope this helps!


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we have noticed too that Apple Classroom payload started causing issues this year.

refreshing ASM data doesn't trigger the profile update anymore or doesn't do it correctly.

Look like it dosent do it correctly because I have like  50% student showing ok on each class. but still pain   dosent want to do it manually for each device . And we can't know who is working or not  before opening Apple Classroom and monitor one class or if the teacher tell us. Even if we see success on profile deployment  few device dosent show online.

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