Question about Some apps cannot be deleted

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Question about Some apps cannot be deleted


I don't want to delete only VPP apps. (or specified apps only)

However, apps purchased by users on the Apple Store should be comfortable to use.

Apps purchased by the user can be installed/updated/deleted.

I want a method of setting up VPP app so that it cannot be deleted only.

How should I set it up?

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Hi Hera, 


Could I trouble you to write this question in your native language? Or, try translating again using simpler statements? The current text is a little confusing. 





I'm sorry.


I want to prevent deletion of only one app on iOS.
I don't want to control other apps. (Can be installed / updated / deleted)

For example

Twitter apps cannot be deleted
Other Facebook / Chrome / Minecraft apps can be deleted


Is it possible to set as above?


Thank you Noah.





Getting noticed

If the device is using iOS14, it is possible.
If you look at the 'Options' of Application added to Apps, an option called ‘Removable’ have been added recently.
If you clear the check in this part, users will not be able to delete the app registered with VPP.
However, you must redistribute(Push or Update) the app to device after setting.

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The problem has been resolved.
Thank you.

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