Outlook for Android + Exchange 2013 = No Go?


Outlook for Android + Exchange 2013 = No Go?

Is that equation correct?


I have been working on this for a few hours now only to come to the conclusion it doesn't work, or I'm missing a very specific setting.


When I have a policy with Outlook settings it will not work. It keeps telling me that my credentials are wrong - they aren't, or I get an error code 701 "the service is currently offline". If I check in Active Directory for an increase in my bad password count it still shows 0. If I monitor the firewall in front of the Exchange server it also doesn't register any traffic coming from the phones WAN ip address.


If I take out all the Outlook settings from the policy and manually put them in by hand during the normal Outlook first run setup it works fine.


So what am I missing, or does Outlook on a Samsung Android phone configured through Meraki MDM trying to access email on an Exchange 2013 server just not work?

Kind of a big deal

I'm guessing you are probably getting near the end of support with Exchange 2013.


Have you got the latest Exchange 2013 roll up package installed?  I'm going to guess you are going to have to have it right up to date to stand a chance of it working.


Hi @PhilipDAth


Just checked with Microsoft. Exchange 2013 is good up until April 2023.


We are also using the most recent updates on the server (CU23) with all the other security updates since then.


I tried pushing out the Gmail app to the phone today and then create a policy setting for Gmail with the same info as Outlook. Gmail worked just fine.


Sad face.

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