Only one education configuration can be installed at a time

Comes here often

Only one education configuration can be installed at a time



For a couple of weeks in several organizations this error appears when deploying the education payload on supervised iPads with iOS 14


I have opened a case in Meraki support but they do not solve it yet.


Somebody has this same error?





Here to help

same issue. not sure why. has Meraki gotten back to you?

Meraki Employee

Apple don't permit more than one Education profile on a device at a time. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

this is the only education profile i'm trying to install.

Here to help

I ended up erasing the iPad and setting it up as new. The education profile (Apple classroom) then installed successfully.


In terms of the person's data-  I made sure everything was backing up to iCloud, did a backup, then signed in with her apple ID after the erase. All her data then pulled down from iCloud

Still don't  know why it happened. I'm also seeing it on a student device. The first person was a teacher

Kind of a big deal

Are you trying to enrol a device thats already enrolled in another MDM. I find that when moving devices around erasing them is the best method because then it removes any stale data as well. 

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