Office 365 Email on Iphone - stops working on password change?

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Office 365 Email on Iphone - stops working on password change?



We have all of our iphones enrolled to Systems manager and we're seeing some issues.

If a user changes their password the mail client on the iphone is no longer able to pick up mail.

In the past we would just push the mail profile to the phone.


The user would see a popup asking for a password which they would enter and this would fix it.

But this isn't happening now.


If I check the mail app then I can see "account error Email Profile. Details ..."

If I tap for details I get "Cannot get Mail The connection to the server failed."

The phone DOES have a valid internet connection, CAN reach a DC and there are no issues with the account in AD.


I have a couple of phones now where users are unable to pick up mail on the mail app on their phone.

Does anyone know how we fix this?

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I think the best way would be to just have the user re-enter the new password manually in the settings app. 

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This wasn't required in the past, this is the concern.


I had to factory reset a device before the weekend to ensure that it picked up the profile correctly.

In another though - that was user error. The device had been reset at some point and this person had put the wrong username in!

We had a similar issue , easiest fix was to use the Micro Outlook app instead of the Mail client on IOS
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